DQ Entertainment (DQE), a subsidiary of DQ Entertainment (International) Limited, one of the leading producers of animation, visual effects, game art and entertainment content for the Indian as well as global media and entertainment industry which had instituted “The Lifetime Achievement Award” last year, has awarded “the 2009 Life Time Achievement Award” to J.K. Rowling for her outstanding contribution towards children entertainment. J.K Rowling is the author and creator of the Harry Potter fantasy series.

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The esteemed juries were almost unanimous in their choice of J.K. Rowling- who has inspired the minds of millions of people around the world, and has given rise to a whole new generation of young readers. The Potter books have gained worldwide attention; won multiple awards, sold more than 400 million copies and a string of films have been produced based on the series.

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Congratulations to J.K. Rowling, I’m sure the Harry Potter series will gain even more fans through the years. Are you a Harry Potter Fan? What do you think of this new award?