True Blood
Season 6, Episode 6
Episode Title: Don’t You Feel Me 

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

eric-true_blood_dont_you_feel_meThe Possessed Lafayette is drowning Sookie, when Warlow comes to the rescue.  He’s about to kill Lafayette when Sookie yells for him not to hurt him and tells him that Lafayette is possessed.  She instructs him to use his light on him, which he does, sending Sookie’s dad’s spirit back out of Lafayette.  Sookie tells him to tell her dad to stay out of her life.

Pam and Eric are being forced to fight, but gain the upper hand when they attack men hidden in the walls ready to strike them.  Eric kills one leaving a hole in the observation glass; he peaks through it and sees Steve Newlin, who claims he had nothing to do with this.  They then put Eric in a cage, where he also manacled.  They force him to watch them inject a virus into Nora and leave her there so he has to watch her die.

They Mayor goes to visit his daughter, who insists on being put into regular population.  He eventually does against his better judgment.  Eric summons her so she glamours a guard to take her to Eric, take out the doctor in with him and to free Eric.  She feeds from the doctor.  Then, they dress Nora in the doctor’s lab coat and Eric in the guard’s gear.  They go looking for Pam, Tara, and Jessica.  But Eric finds the new True Blood factory and sees that they are putting the virus into each bottle and are planning to serve it to the prisoners.

Terry visits Lafayette and gives him the key to his safe deposit box.  Lafayette notifies Arlene who is worried Terry is planning to commit suicide.  Holly has a vampire friend come and glamour Terry so he won’t remember the pain that’s troubling him.  After that, Terry is happy and things look great.  But when he takes the trash out at Merlotte’s he is shot and killed.

sookie-Don't_You_Feel_MeSam is still planning to run with Emma, but finds that Emma misses her grandmother so he gives her to Martha with the promise that she won’t take her back to the pack.  Alcide finds Sam and ultimately decides to let Sam go, but warns him that he’s dead if he comes back into pack territory.

Bill summons Warlow while Warlow is still with Sookie, so she takes him to Faery.  He insists she ties him up because when night falls on the human plane he won’t be able to control his need to feed.  She does as he asks, but lets him feed from her.  She also bites his neck and feeds from him.  They then begin to have sex, causing a huge light to radiate from the both of them.

Bill then goes to visit the Mayor after drinking Warlow’s blood.  His security tries to shoot him, but the bullets don’t affect him.  He then causes the men to shoot each other.  He decapitates the mayor and leaves his head at the foot of his statue.

This episode had some strange happenings, but there was a lot going on as the season his quickly coming to its end.