By OBS reviewer Heidi

I have to say that I have fallen hard for Donna Grant.  I was turned onto her a little late missing the Dark Sword series, although I do have plans to go back and read those, when I get a chance!  But I adore her Dark Warriors series and recently read her Dark Kings series as well, which so far is 3 ebook novellas.  They aren’t as in-depth as the Dark Warriors series, but I think that is just because they are short stories instead of full-length novels.  But Grant has assured us there are full-length novels in the works.  The novellas are to be combined into one print copy later in the year.  But now Grant has released the official word on her blog!!

I’ve had so many emails about the Dark Kings wanting to know if I’ll be writing more in the series.  The answer is, of course, yes. That was the intention all along when I spun off the Dark Sword/Dark Warriors series with the three DK novellas last summer.  However, no one, least of all me, ever suspected how deeply readers would fall for the Dragon Kings.

I’m happy to report that on 12.31.13, DARK HEAT will release. The book combines all three DK novellas into the first ever print edition, but also included is a 2-part bonus story!

This will begin what I’m calling 2014 – The Year of the Dragon Kings.

I have tentative release dates of May and June 2014 for the first full length DK books – DARKEST FLAME and FIRE RISING.

Because the serials for the Dark Warriors books have done so well, my publisher recently told me that the DK books will also be out as serials before the print/full ebook release!

I’m nearly finished with DARKEST FLAME, and I can tell you it features a Dragon King only mentioned in the novellas – Kellan. If you thought you knew the Dragon Kings, just wait until you meet Kellan.


I’m super excited to see what these full-length novels will contain.  I have recently had the pleasure of reading her next release in the Dark Warriors series, Midnight’s Captive, scheduled to release TOMORROW!!  A big thanks to my peeps at St. Martin’s Press for that!  You can find my review of Midnight’s Captive here.  And, I’m excited to report that the two series really come together with this book!

Now I just hope I’ll be able to get my hands on the bonus material included in the upcoming bound addition of the Dark Kings, Dark Heat!

Stay tuned to OBS for all the reviews of these magical series, as I definitely plan to keep you in the know!