4 star

Dirty Little Lies

Men of Summer, Book #3

By Lora Leigh

ISBN# 9780312389123

Author’s Website:  http://www.loraleigh.com/

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dirty-little-lies-men-of-summer-lora-leighGrace Maddox was devastated when her father died when she was five.  Left to a mother that wasn’t very motherly, her Uncle Vince has raised her along with her cousins.  Her mother was recently discovered to be a traitor and during her Kin interrogation she implicated Grace stating that she helped her in her treachery and that she has the missing files her father had hidden before his death.  Files that someone obviously doesn’t want to get out.  One of the farmhands at the Maddox ranch where she lives attacked her, but thankfully her pet Rottweiler went after her attacker, nearly losing his life in the process.  Mangus was a gift from Zack, the man she’s had a crush on for years, and Grace is devastated Mangus was injured.  Now Grace’s very life is in danger and she doesn’t even know it.

Zack rushes to the Maddox property as soon as he hears of the danger Grace is in.  He feels he’s the only one that can protect her.  If Alexander Brigham thinks they’re lovers, then he won’t allow anyone to touch her.  Not to mention, Zack’s house is the safest place for her until they can prove her innocence and get her out of danger.  But after years of trying to keep his distance, afraid of letting himself have the only woman he’s ever wanted, what will happen when he’s finally ready to give in to his deepest passions with her?  And, will it be too late?

This is the first book I’ve read from the Men of Summer series, but luckily Leigh gives us all the information we need to understand what’s going on so I never felt lost and could follow the story easily.  Although I hope, I can find the time to go back and read the first two books I missed!

Grace is a strong lead female, never ready to give in.  She knows that if she’s going to be saved that she’ll need to make sense of the information Zack has compiled to clear her name herself.  She doesn’t backdown from anything and can hang with even the likes of her stubborn cousins and Zack.

And, of course, I loved Zack.  Strong, powerful, and oh so protective of the only woman that could ever be considered his.  And, even though he was a total Alpha male, he still gave in to what Grace wanted at times, even if it did put her at risk.  Of course, he was right there with her to make sure she stayed safe though.  I found when they finally came together sexually to have been a bit sudden, but other than that I really had no issues with their relationship.  And, he was so sweet when Grace’s world came crashing down when the biggest betrayal of all was revealed.

I really enjoyed this book and really hope there is more to this series.  I would love to see more of Grace’s Bayou brothers, Mad and Beau-Remi!  They are too interesting not to have their own stories!  Not to mention other characters in the background, there just seems to be so many stories to tell.

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