Desolation Road

Torpedo Ink, Book #4

By Christine Feehan

ISBN: 9780593099759

Author Website: christinefeehan(.)com

*Warning: Book contains graphic content*

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Scarlet Foley is more than a librarian. She helps students find the right books they need and even goes out of her way to tutor and help them with school and life related issues. She loves books and is very intelligent. But her biggest advantage is her ability to read people by touch. Scarlet lost her family when she was a teenager due to an unjust prison sentence by men who had money and power over the justice system. 

After prison, Scarlet learned to be lethal and strong in order to help those in her same situation and take revenge on the people that had hurt her. She is very careful of her surroundings and takes precautions of everything she does. Survival is her number one priority until she meets Torpedo Ink’s Absinthe. 

Absinthe has spent the last six weeks at the library Scarlet works at. First, he was there out of pure pleasure. Libraries had always helped him calm his inner demons and brought peace to him. Eventually, he noticed Scarlet and felt the connection spark among them. Absinthe is always careful to not touch people if he doesn’t have to. Apart from being the club’s lawyer, he also serves as the lie detector.

Absinthe realizes his attraction for Scarlet and doesn’t waste time asking her out, but he immediately notices how she is always alert and aware of her surroundings. He senses her subtle lies and knows that there is more to her librarian persona than she lets people see. What catches Absinthe’s attention is that her skills resemble his childhood training.

Throughout the Torpedo Ink series all the female leads have been interesting one after another, but this time Scarlet went up a notch. She eventually reveals why her training resembles Absinthe’s, which makes her the first character apart from the club’s members to be equally lethal. She suffered her own family tragedies, survived prison and years of training to get back at the men who had taken everything from her. She’s a strong character and could be a great asset for the club, especially having Absinthe and Scarlet’s similar psychic abilities for future enemy encounters.

“You know this could end up bad, right? We’re weird together. We have this…” She trailed off and her hand fluttered between them.

“Connection? Chemistry? Explosive chemistry? The ability to read each other?”

This series, like Feehan’s other books, have several characters and each one of them have their own stories. So far we’ve had books for five of the club’s members, but it still feels like the plot is taking shape. It’ll be interesting to read the two girl club member’s stories, one is already building up and I can’t wait. If you’re a fan of Christine Feehan and her charming strong boys, then I recommend Desolation Road.

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