Deserves to Die

To Die, Book #6

By Lisa Jackson

ISBN#  9781420118520

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

*Beware of Spoilers*

deserves-to-dieDeserves to Die picks up shortly after where Ready to Die left off.  Sherriff Dan Grayson is still in a coma after the vicious attack on him.  Now the whole department is being ran by acting Sherriff Blackwater, who Pescoli despises (Looks like he stepped right into Brewster’s role as her coworker nemesis).  But when Dan loses his fight for survival, Pescoli has no choice but to deal with Blackwater, who is doing everything in his power to stay put!

Pescoli and Alvarez catch a new murder investigation when a woman is found in a creek, dead and missing her left ring finger.  A jealous ex?  The dynamic detective duo quickly realize they have another psycho on their hands when a second mutilated body is discovered.

And on top of all of that Pescoli is having to deal with recent developments.  She’s pregnant again!  Her kids haven’t even accepted that she’s going to be marrying Santana and now this?  But I guess she should start with telling the baby’s father …  this was never in their plans.  How will he react?

I really enjoyed this installment of Lisa Jackson’s To Die series!  There is plenty of emotions bubbling around with Dan’s death, Pescoli’s pregnancy (and hormones!), the impending wedding, and so much more!  As you can tell from my above comments, this book focused a lot on Pescoli’s personal life and I really enjoyed it.  I loved the little we saw of Santana and only wished we could have seen more of him.  I absolutely love that boy!

I really enjoyed how this book wasn’t all about the usual main characters Pescoli and Alvarez, but also focused on some of the secondary characters as well.  We had scenes from Blackwater’s point-of-view and we learned all about the new girl in town, Jessica, who has more secrets than physical possessions!  Not to mention her running for her life from a gruesome killer! I really liked seeing things unfold, her secrets slowly being revealed, and what has to be a rekindling of a relationship from her past.  I hope that we will see more from Anne-Marie and Ryder in the future!  I really enjoyed them!

The murder mystery in this book was fun and engaging and was able to keep my interest throughout.  It reminds me of why I like this series so much!