Blue Bay Crew, Book #1

By Cathryn Fox

ISBN# 9781250152954

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Summer is on the run.  She overheard her now ex-boyfriend talking on the phone about how he was going to ‘apply pressure’ to find out where her father’s ledger is.  She has no idea where the ledger is or what it contains, but Jack will do anything to get his hands-on it.  Her father is dead, and now she suspects Jack had something to do with that.  She had to shut down her chiropractor business when she left town, therefore, she has no income so she’s going back to her childhood home of Blue Bay to stay in her father’s cottage.

On the way to Blue Bay, Summer stops off at a dive restaurant and in walks her childhood crush, Sean Owens.  She is using an alias and when she sees the desire in Sean’s eyes, she decides to live out one night of fantasy with him.

Summer is horrified when she gets to the cottage and discovers that time has not been good to it and it needs a lot of repairs.  One of the locals recommends a local company, one that is ran by none other than Sean!  Sean and his brothers and cousins are all moving back to town to take over the business now that Sean’s father has died.

Sean knows that Summer is running from something or someone.  He doesn’t understand why she is trying to pass herself off as someone else and why she won’t confide in him.  But he decides to let her keep her secrets, but he is keeping a close eye on her in case she needs his help.

However, working with Summer so close proves more difficult than Sean expected and they end up embarking on a summer fling.  But how will either of them move on after the summer is over?

I started out really liking this book.  The characters were pretty engaging and I do love my cocky bad boys, so Sean definitely fits the bill.  Sean’s family was a lot of fun as well and it will be interesting to get to know them all better as the series progresses.  The sex scenes were smoking hot, and there were plenty of them to light your fire.  But after a while, I did start getting bored with the story.  I found the whole idea of Summer trying to pass herself off as someone else to be kind of dumb considering she’s going to the small town she came from.  I come from a small town myself and know that this would never work in real life.

I knew that Jack would come to Blue Bay to cause havoc and that Sean would have to ride to the rescue.  But the waiting for it all to come together was definitely the hard part.  In the meantime we got treated to Sean and Summer’s insatiable sexual appetite and their constant thoughts about why Summer was lying and her fear of what’s to come.  And, when Jack’s scene was upon us it was over in an instant.  There really wasn’t much suspense or excitement to speak of.

It was a decent read, but there are definitely areas where it could be improved upon.

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