Delusion in Death

In Death, Book #35

By J.D. Robb

ISBN# 9780399158810

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Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

On the Rocks was a great bar and hang out for the workers at the nearby office buildings and they had a great happy hour.  Except on this day all the patrons started getting angry and fighting.  They started killing each other.  When Eve Dallas arrived on scene it looked like the remnants of a battlefield.  What happened here?  What caused all these people to attack one another?  And, how soon before it happens again?

Eve and Peabody are once again on the case, along with their favorite civilian consultant, Roarke, who of course owns the bar (because he does own about everything)!  Over 80 people died in the attack and they feel their mass murderer is just getting started.  They’re racing against the clock before their murderer strikes again.  This verges on being a terrorist act and the HSO wants in on the case, knowing Eve’s terrible past with the HSO this could prove problematic.  However, in the end, Eve will do what’s best for the victims because they are hers now and she will get justice for them and do her best to prevent other senseless deaths.

I was pretty bored throughout a majority of this book, it was way too easy to put down, and I even fell asleep a few times! I could probably chalk a lot of that last bit up to the fact that I run myself ragged and don’t get nearly enough hours of shut-eye, but it doesn’t bode well for the book either.  I need the emotion back in this series!  You can always tell when it’s missing because I get bored out of my mind.  There were a few moments between Eve and Roarke that gave me a good chuckle, but it’s not the same as the gut-wrenching emotion we’ve seen between them in the past.

And, surprisingly Eve and Summerset put aside their bickering for the better good of solving this case.  These attacks had some similarities to ones perpetrated by a vicious cult during the Urban Wars.  It’s a time that Summerset wishes he could forget about, but the memories and terror are still very much alive inside himself.  He’s willing to relive it all if it helps stop the madman they face now.

The story did improve toward the end, but not enough to make up for the rest of it.  I’m really hoping that the next book will feature some more emotion as I desperately crave it!