Brought to you by OBS reviewer Valerie


I’ve wanted to read Defiance for so long, and then I finally got to! Of course, reviews just don’t cut it for books you’ve been so hyped about. Hence, the playlist.

Defiance is a story about a girl, Rachel, who’s trying to find her father. Logan, a guy she’s had some history with, accompanies her on this journey.


  • Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

The dragon part is what really gets me. If you’ve read the book, what I said makes a lot of sense. If not, you better read Defiance now!


  • In the End by Black Veil Brides

I started listening to this song a few days ago, and it just has that feel of an apocalypse. Rachel isn’t afraid to die in the end, and the Black Veil Brides cover that feeling perfectly.


  • Eyes Open by Taylor Swift

You obviously read with your eyes open, but that’s not my explanation. Rachel has to keep her eyes open and face the grim reality.


  • We Found Love by Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris

“We found love in a hopeless place.” Enough said.


  • Lights by Ellie Goulding

This song makes me think of a whirlwind of color, which Defiance also does to me.


  • Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

This song is empowering and fast and strong, just like Rachel and Logan.


  • Skyfall by Adele

Adele is clearly a talented singer. Rachel is clearly a talented hunter/protagonist/fill in the blank. End of story. Perfect song for this book.