4 star


4 Stars


Cainsville, Book #3

By Kelley Armstrong

ISBN# 9781847445131

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deceptions-kelley-armstrongThis book picks up were Visions left off.  James has decided he wants Olivia back and won’t take no for an answer!!  He’s stalking her and even sent deprogrammers to go and kidnap her at gunpoint!!  It’s a good thing she’s been staying with Gabriel for her safety and he was there to help her out of a jam!  But when Olivia discovers James’s dead body at an abandoned house, Gabriel is arrested for the murder!  Now they must uncover the murderer and clear Gabriel’s name!

Meanwhile Olivia’s amount of visions is increasing, telling her a story from the past and showing her the role that she, Gabriel, and Ricky all play in this drama.  Her visions also tell her the truth where the fae will not.  She must rely on what she sees to guide her in all her dealings to know what is true and what is deception by those hoping to manipulate her to their means.

This was another strong novel in this series and I really enjoyed it!  It’s another dark and gritty story, full of mystery and intrigue.  It keeps you riveted and turning the pages to see what happens next.

In this book we get a better look at the past and see exactly how Olivia, Gabriel, and Ricky are involved in what happens now and in the future.  I’m curious to see how it will all play out and how Olivia’s future actions will affect the trio in the upcoming books.  I love both Ricky and Gabriel and it pains me to know that this series will most likely end with one of these guys’ heartbreak.

Gabriel has been making quite a bit of progress himself, allowing Olivia into his life and personal space, and it’s fun to see him evolve.  Although I do adore Ricky!!

I’m also really enjoying learning more about Olivia’s birth father, Todd, and the motivations that led him to where he is now, in prison!  This storyline is bound to only get better.

I really enjoyed this story and honestly cannot wait for the next entry into this series!

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