DEATHLY HALLOWS IMAGE, HAGRID AND HARRY POTTER has an image of Hagrid and Harry from Deathly Hallows, Monika explains:

As we know, that motorbike ride is a pretty important part of the book’s first moments, where the action really kicks into high gear. The Dursley’s home had been Harry’s protection from the Death Eaters, but this magic help will expire in a few days on Harry’s 17th birthday, so the Polyjuice plan comes into action. This is the moment when youth is completely broken from Harry as he loses the protection of his safe but hated childhood home, along with the lives of both Mad Eye Moody and Hedwig — not to mention George’s serious injury.

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Squee!! I have been looking forward to the final book on screen for so long. I can’t wait!!

What did you think of the last HP movie? Are you excited for Deathly Hallows?