Death by the Finish Line

Abby McCree Mystery, Book #5

By Alexis Morgan


Author Website: alexismorgan(.)com

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When a dead body turns up on a race route, Abby McCree hits the ground running to catch a killer…

Overcommitted Abby has once again been drafted to use her organizing superpowers–this time for a 5k charity run that’s part of the Founder’s Day Celebration in Snowberry Creek, Washington. At least she has help, albeit from an unlikely source: Gil Pratt, a member of her handsome tenant Tripp Blackston’s veterans group and co-owner of a motorcycle repair shop with his brother. Abby and Gil may seem like an odd couple, but they work great together.

The event seems to be running smoothly–until city council member James DiSalvo is found murdered in a ravine along the race route. Unfortunately, Gil’s brother Gary had a very public argument with DiSalvo minutes before the race, making him the prime suspect. Now the two race organizers must again team up to prove Gary’s innocence–before the real killer makes a run for it. But one wrong step and Abby may be the next one to come in dead last. (Goodreads)


Death by the Finish Line, the fifth Abby McCree mystery, is a fun, engaging addition to the charming Washington based series featuring overcommitted volunteer Abby.

Abby McCree finds herself once again in charge of a local event – this time a 5k run taking place during the town’s Founder’s Day Celebration.  Her co-coordinator and unexpected friend is Gil, owner of a motorcycle shop whose experience in the military has trained him to be conscientious and organized.  Everything goes well until a member of the city council, James DiSalvo, is found dead just off the race route.  Unfortunately, Gil’s brother Gary becomes the prime suspect since he was seen arguing with the councilman shortly before the race.  Abby is convinced that Gary is innocent and sets out to find the real killer despite everyone’s orders to stay out of it.

I enjoy this series.  The mysteries are always well plotted and executed, but it is the characters that keep me coming back for more.  Abby is an intelligent sleuth who genuinely cares about those around her.  Tripp is a favorite, and their relationship continues here with a “will they/won’t they” slow burn.  As a dog lover, Abby’s dog Zeke is always a highlight…I just love him.  I appreciate Abby’s and Police Chief Gage’s friendship.  Even though she often puts her nose where it does not belong, much to Gage’s displeasure, their relationship always survives.  Readers first meet in the previous book in the series, and it is nice to get to know him better within these pages.  The mystery of DiSalvo’s death is engaging, and, as Abby quickly discovers, there are several suspects and motives.  Even with sufficient clues and red herrings sprinkled throughout the tale, I mistakenly discounted the killer until late in the book.

Death by the Finish Line is an appealing comfort read.  Recommended to any cozy mystery reader.