Death by Intermission

Abby McCree Mystery, Book #4

By Alexis Morgan


Author Website: alexismorgan(.)com

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Ushered once again onto another committee by the mayor of Snowberry Creek, Washington, Abby is tasked with keeping the box office receipts of the town’s Movies in the Park nights. Cut to the director’s chair from where she’s suddenly organizing the summer’s last feature. From the opening scene through the final credits, Abby feels she’s earned nominations for best volunteer, best movie date with her tenant Tripp Blackston–and best daughter for ignoring her mother Phoebe’s own movie date with Owen Quinn.

Unfortunately, Abby and the others are treated to a post-credits scene: the body of local insurance agent Mitchell Anders. This discovery is followed by a plot twist revealing that the murder weapon comes from Owen’s food truck. With her mother’s boyfriend suspected of murder, Abby starts her own investigation determined to shine a spotlight on the real killer. (Goodreads)


Death by Intermission by Alexis Morgan is the solid fourth installment in the Abby McCree mystery series with well rounded characters and a complexing murder to solve.

Once again, Abby finds herself on a committee, this time assisting with the town’s Movies in the Park nights.  When a newcomer is found murdered in the park after the film ends, police eyes turn to Abby’s mother Phoebe’s new beau Owen since the murder weapon belongs to him.  Owen is also relatively new to town and is obviously holding something back, and Abby reluctantly agrees to investigate at her mother’s insistence.

I really like this series and the people of Snowberry Creek, Washington.  Abby is unique in the cozy world in that she does not have a profession that is the hook of the series.  Instead, she finds herself part of one committee after another.  This actually works to her advantage – her investigating feels organic and not like it is taking away from her job and other responsibilities.  She is smart but never smarter than the police and has a good, friendly relationship with local police Chief Logan Gage.  I like that she does not make reckless decisions nor does she fall in the “too stupid to live” category of amateur sleuth.

Abby’s closest friends since she moved to Snowberry Creek are members of her deceased aunt’s elderly quilting group.  I love this group of women.  Her slow burning relationship with her tenant Tripp is finally moving along nicely.  He and Abby’s mastiff Zeke are my favorite characters in the series.  We get to know Abby’s mother Phoebe in this installment, and, to be honest, she annoys me throughout most of the book.  She acts like an uncooperative, contrary love-sick teenager during her disagreements with Gage and is constantly critical of Abby.  Even though we eventually learn part of what motivates Phoebe, this unpleasant back and forth wore me out.

The murder mystery is well crafted and executed.  There are enough red herrings to keep readers guessing, and the plot quickly moves along.  Author Morgan does a good job of balancing the murder mystery with romance and family life.  There are bits of humor to counter all of the sniping between Abby and Phoebe.
I enjoyed my time spent with Abby, and Death by Intermission is well worth reading.  I look forward to many more adventures featuring Abby and crew.  Recommended to any cozy mystery reader.