Deadly Wedding

The Wedding Planner Cozy Mystery, Book #1

By: Robyn Bridges

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Andra



Dara McGill has just landed a new job opportunity as a wedding planner in Sedona, California after moving from San Diego. Life is great living in Sedona. Dara believes that she is living the dream especially now that she and her boyfriend are getting along great.

After planning and calming down her perfectionist bride to be, Dora believes that she has planned the perfect wedding. Or has she? During the wedding an uninvited guest shows up and changes what was supposed to be a happily-ever after to a wedding to die for.

After gun shots are fired and someone ends up dead will Dora be able to use her analytical skills, which she has developed over the years to plan extravagant events, to end this deadly wedding or will another?


The story began innocuous enough. However, after the murder happened, the story seemed to fall apart. The continuity (which is important I feel for such a short read) seemed off. As well, there were a few spelling errors which certainly detracted from the read (sort instead of short; fro instead of for; gong instead of going). Chapter six begins talking about a dog…whose dog? The police were at Dara’s to tell her about the murder so where did the dog come into this conversation?

The tall officer spoke again. “We got a lot of sketchy details so far, but we do know that the dog was found near Sedona Falls, up on the bypass by Fork River,” he said. Dara wasn’t sure what to make of that information. She wondered if someone had broken into her apartment and taken the dog, or if this was just coincidental. “It appears that she was murdered because of some sort of business deal gone wrong,” said the short cop, rubbing the side of his head. “Her body was found in the back of the church, just a little over an hour ago,” he said.    

I enjoyed how the author certainly engaged many senses in describing things. “Their specialty was a chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream cone in the shape of a cactus.” The ice cream sounds delicious and cute!  I could so visualize that.

“What makes you think Carl is involved?” asked Carl, curious.  I Imagine the author meant “Rico is involved” and not Carl.

I actually got quite frustrated when Carl invited Pete and Dara for dinner and then the dinner took place at Pete’s home?

A cute story with potential but another read through by the author and/or editor for continuity and errors really is necessary. I must admit – I would have been willing to give this author another try as for the most part, the writing was engaging, but given the errors with respect to the published product, I must put my reading efforts into another author.