Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
Chapter 9
Written by Rose
Edited by Krystal

The next night, as Sookie prepared for her meeting with Eric, she noted that Bill was right about her feeling stronger, more alert and even prettier. Deciding that tonight was a good night to show off Bill’s “ownership” she wore a low cut shirt, but packed a scarf and silver necklace in case they ran into another cop. Just as she began to worry about Bill feeding off another woman, a knock came at her door. As they got into his car, Sookie remarks how Bill smelt differently and he reminds her that he’ll feel the same if Eric touches her; only Eric will enjoy it and he didn’t enjoy his dinner.

The drive to Fangtasia was marked by silence as Bill and Sookie thought about what Eric desired and all too soon they were parked outside the Fangtasia’s back entrance. As Bill knocked the “secret vampire knock”, Sookie waited nearby, pushing away the urge to hide behind him. They were greeted by Pam, the beautiful blonde vampire who was by Eric’s side on their previous visit, and escorted through the storeroom into another small room where Eric waited.

Memorable Quotes:

Sookie: “You smell different,” I said after we’d been on the highway for a few minutes. We drove for a few minutes in silence.
Bill: “Now you know how I will feel if Eric touches you,” he told me. “But I think I’ll feel worse because Eric will enjoy touching you, and I didn’t much enjoy my feeding.” (Page 199)

Sookie: He said “death or torture” as calmly as I said, “Bud or Old Milwaukee.” (Page 201)

Sookie: “Was that like sharks scenting blood?” I asked, after a fifteen-minute silent drive that almost had us out of Shreveport.
Bill: “Good analogy.” (Page 208)

Questions for discussion:

Why do you think it’s possible for Sookie to read Eric’s thoughts and not Bill’s?

Do you think Eric has a newfound interest in Sookie after what transpired at the bar? Or has the interest always been there? Do you think it is just because she’s useful to him or is there more?

What do you think is up with Sookie “smelling” differently than other humans?

What effects do you think will manifest if Longshadows blood did indeed go down her throat? How does it affect Bill’s blood in her system? Will it compound her newfound clarity or will?

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