Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
Chapter 5
Written by Katie
Edited by Amanda / Krystal

Sookie had a lot to think about – she had just met more vampires than she cared to and the one vampire she wasn’t sure about. With the investigation of Maudette and Dawn still going on, many of the men in Bon Temp had been pulled in for questioning and even worse, Andy Bellefleur had taken it upon himself to hang out at Merlotte’s to try and get more proof that Sookie was a mind reader. When Sookie brought Andy his Coke, he was imagining her cavorting with Jason and she burst into tears and fled out the back door. Sam was right on her heels asking what Andy had done. Explaining that Andy now knew of her ability, she continued to cry and told Sam to go inside, but it was Andy who stepped through the back door next. Andy apologized for his behavior and Sam told him to never sit in Sookie’s section again and despite Andy’s obvious size advantage, something about Sam made Sookie believe that he’d win if it came down to it. It was obvious that Andy agreed as he nodded his head and walked to his car.

Memorable Quotes:

Bill: “He screamed and he moaned. I almost shot him myself, to shut him up, because I knew to venture out to rescue him was suicide.” (Page 124)

Sam: “I’ve always liked you.”
Sookie: “So much that you had to wait till someone else showed any interest, before you mentioned it to me?” (Page 126)

Bill: “No. I went home, across the cemetery, to change.”
Sookie: He was wearing blue jeans and a Grateful Dead T-shirt, and suddenly I began to giggle.
“That’s priceless,” I said, doubling over with laughter. (Page 128)

Sookie: “I have far more good memories of this kitchen than bad ones,” I explained. (Page 133)

Questions for discussion:

What do you think Sookie’s intentions were when she accepted Sam’s invite to the meeting?

Were you surprised that such a major character of the story so far died?

Were you surprised that Jason actually attacked his sister?

What do you think Sookie has against her Uncle Bartlett that makes her not even want to hear his name?

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