Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
Chapter 4
Written by Katie
Edited by Amanda / Krystal

Everyone was worried about who might get killed next and even Sookie’s bother came by to warn her of the danger that Bill possessed. For the first time in all of Sookie’s memory her brother was worried and she was a little happy about that, but also felt a little petty. She wasn’t perfect though and despite all the warnings the only thing she could think about was how to do Bill proud. Sookie wasn’t going to wear the capes and costumes that she had heard other fag-bangers wore, so she grabbed an old tight white dress and ran downstairs where Gran was shocked at her appearance. As Gran subtly hinting that Sookie might want to wear a sweater, Sookie headed out the house and toward Merlotte’s to pick up her check.

Memorable Quotes:

Lafayette: “You looking good, girl!” (Page 98)

Sam: “God almighty,” he breathed. (Page 98)

Bill: “I’m just doubting my ability to get you in and out without having to kill someone who wants you.” (Page 100)

Bill: “You look like a white candle in a coal mine.” (Page 102)

Eric: “Aren’t you sweet,” Eric observed, and I hoped he was thinking of my character.
Sookie: “Not especially,” I said. (Page 106)

Questions for discussion:

What do you think was with Sam smelling Sookie?

Why did you think of Eric and Pam? Were you surprised Sookie admitted her abilities to Eric so easily?

Sookie and Bill both seem to think that they are not good enough for each other, what do you think is the reason for this?

Why do you think Bill gave Sookie the silent treatment the whole way home and what would give Sookie the impression that Bill would never kiss her again?

Did something or someone in this chapter take you by surprise?

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