Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
Chapter 2
Written by Amanda
Edited by Rose / Krystal

The next morning Sookie woke early, still glad that Gran had been asleep when she arrived home. Later, Sookie enjoyed a cup of coffee while Gran chatted with Everlee about a tornado that touched down and destroys the Rattray’s trailer, killing the couple. As Gran asked about Bill, Sookie jumped, knowing that the Rattray’s death was no accident. Bill had agreed to show that evening and Gran was thrilled; thinking of all the things she needed to do before his arrival.

Memorable Quotes:

Bill: “Oh, you were the dessert. The Rattray’s were the meal.” Deal with it. (Page 50)

Bill: “I liked long skirts,” he said nostalgically. “I liked the under things women wore. The petticoats.” (Page 55)

Sookie: It seemed wonderful and pathetic to me that the one creature I’d met in years that I’d want to have sex with was actually not human. My telepathy limited my options severely. I could have had sex just to have it, sure; but I had waited to have sex I could actually enjoy. (Page 58-59)

Sookie: “I’ll have to quit if I read your mind, Sam! I like you, I like it here.” (Page 62)

Bill: “Sookie is mine.” (Page 66)

Questions for discussion:

What did you think about Sam’s invitation to Sookie to read his thoughts? Do you think he wants to tell her somethine, but can’t verbalize it?

What did you think of Bill’s declaration that Sookie was “his”?

Did something or someone in this chapter catch you by surprise?

What was your favorite quote from this chapter?

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