Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
Chapter 12
Written by Krystal

Sam came to give Sookie the news that the police intended to arrest Jason the minute he came to and she was filled with emotion. Crying, she thought about her brother, poor Amy, the stupid police and above all, Bill. Picking the phone up, Sookie dialed the Blood in the Quarter to leave a message for Bill about Jason. Deciding it was probably better to call Sid Matt, Jason’s lawyer; Sookie made the call and then headed down to the hospital. When they would not let her see Jason, Sookie headed home to contemplate her naiveté which was the cause of Jason’s arrest.

Memorable Quotes:

Receptionist: “Bloooooood… in the Quarter,” announced a deep voice dramatically. “Your coffin away from home.” (Page 262)

Sookie: Nothing on TV was good, at least not tonight. I thought I might watch Braveheart again: Mel Gibson in a kilt is always a mood raiser. (Page 271)

Rene: Rene screamed. “Aw, Jesus, woman! What you done to me? Oh. God, it hurts!” (Page 278)

Bill: “Your nose is broken,” he observed.
Sookie: I rolled my eyes. “Glad you spotted that,” I whispered. “I’ll tell the doctor when she comes in.” (Page 288)

Questions for discussion:

Were you surprised to learn that Rene was the killer?

How do you think Eric learned Sookie was in the hospital? Why do you think he sent her flowers and was outside her window?

What new responsibilities do you think Bill’s job will entail and is it going to affect their relationship?

Are you looking forward to the next book? Who do you want to learn/see more of?

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