Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris
Chapter 10
Written by Krystal

The next day while getting ready, Sookie realized she needed a break from vampires and needed to remember that she was only human. The only problem was, the combination of Bill and Long Shadow’s blood had made her even less human than her first drink after the Rats. She had whiter and pointier teeth, lighter hair, and even lifted a couch with one hand.

At work, Lafayette noticed the difference in her and remarked on it as she cut the lemons and limes so quickly she was shocked to realize she was done before she even started. As she put them away, Sam appeared next to her, asking what happened to her arm. Sookie made up an excuse and as Sam stepped closer than she wished, Charlsie walked into the bar. Turned out that Charlsie’s daughter was expecting a baby and everyone listened and gave the proper congratulations.

Memorable Quotes:

Sookie: I looked down at the cutting board. All the lemons had been quartered. All the limes had been sliced. My hand was holding the knife, and it was wet with juices. I had done it without knowing it. In about thity seconds. I closed my eyes. My God. (Page 211-212)

Bill: “As a reward,” Bill said. I couldn’t understand how he felt about this.
Sookie: “Free beverage?” (Page 220)

Desiree: “I can’t believe you’re refusing me,” Desiree said, looking up at Bill and pouting. “No one has ever turned me down before.”
Bill: “Of course I am grateful, and I’m sure you are, as you put it, a special vintage,” Bill said politely. “But I have my own wine cellar.” (Page 221)

Questions for discussion:

Do you think Eric was trying to get Sookie mad at Bill? Do you think that he has a clear plan for how he is going to win her over or is he a little rusty when it comes to human emotions?

What do you think is going to happen with Desiree and Jason? Do you think he’s going to get in even more trouble now?

What do you think Bill is planning to do in order to make himself an even match for Eric’s power?

Did something or someone in this chapter take you by surprise?

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