Dead to the World
Sookie Stackhouse/Southern Vampire, Book #4
By Charlaine Harris
ISBN # 9780441012183
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The fourth installment of the Sookie Stackhouse series takes  us to a new year in Bon Temps.  Sookie’s New Year’s resolution is to stay out of trouble and not get beat up.  That is one that probably will be thrown out along with all the resolutions people make to lose weight and quit smoking pretty early in the year.

On her way home from work, Sookie finds a half naked Eric running down the road.  She pulls over to see what’s wrong and what he’s running from and she discovers that he doesn’t remember her or anything else about his life.  Eric was cursed by a powerful were-witch that feeds on vampire blood (could we involve anymore sups into this character?) when he wouldn’t give her what she wanted; him and his business.

Thanks to Jason, Sookie ends up hiding Eric at her house until the vampires can’t straighten out what’s going on and can get the spell lifted from Eric.

Soon after Sookie takes custody of Eric, Jason disappears from his house in a way that screams foul play.

Now Sookie has to divide her time between finding out what happened to her brother and trying to help Eric get his memory back, even though a part of her likes this new Eric better!  She also must discover if the two incidents are connected.  Could the witch that cursed Eric be responsible for kidnapping Jason?

This is actually a re-read of this book for me.  It was originally my favorite of the entire Sookie Stackhouse series.  What can I say?  I love Eric!  I had started liking him in the previous books, but let’s face it I was never a Bill fan and I wanted Sookie with anybody, but him so I welcomed Eric with open arms.

Eric was always so good at hiding his true nature that it was nice to see him completely exposed in this book.  He had no choice, but to show Sookie how he really felt about her as he didn’t have his usual methods about him to cover up his real feelings.  And what was left was a sweet guy even if he was a little lost and you just have to love his honesty.

“I should be concerned about your brother, because I love having sex with you, and I should want you to think well of me so you’ll want sex, too”

And let’s face it, Eric with amnesia is HOT!  And if you still aren’t sold on him, watch an episode of True Blood, the actor that portrays him, Alexander Skarsgard will definitely get your juices flowing!

The Jason storyline really didn’t interest me that much, but then again you really didn’t know what was going on while he was away so it’s hard to glean much from it.

I have to admit that I didn’t like this book as much the second time around.  Maybe because I remember it being my favorite and my expectations were too high…and that is always dangerous!!  I was debating on giving the story a lower rating this time around, but the book was still good and I decided to go ahead and give a rating to reflect my original thoughts on this book; Five stars.