Did Roman really meet his True Death?

In the final minutes of True Blood season 5 episode 6 – “Hopeless”, Roman was about to give Russell the true dead, when the machine attached to Russell malfunctioned and Russell quickly overpowered Roman and staked him. Roman didn’t completely explode, like True Blood vampires tend to do, but it appears he is dead.  But is he?


Supernatural shows, like True Blood, often kill off characters and bring them back when fans have already mourned and accepted the loss of their beloved character. Roman wasn’t on the show long enough for fans to really love or hate him. But Christopher Meloni is a major actor that many fans love to see in anything, so why would True Blood let him go so soon, especially with so much untold story about Roman’s character?

Christopher Meloni teased in some interviews this week that his character, for the time being, is gone. But his hints left the impression that Roman may rise again. So let’s examine why this may or may not be the end of Roman. (

I was really surprised when Russell staked Roman.  I knew that Russell wouldn’t be killed as easily as Roman thought (and that we wouldn’t see the end of Russell quite yet), but I didn’t expect Roman to get the stake to his heart quite so early either.  But when Roman was ‘killed’ I thought he was turning into a monster instead of turning into the pile of goo, so I’ve been waiting for his return ever since.

 I hope that if he does return that he is more entertaining, because the authority stuff has been boring me to tears!!

~Commentary by OBS Staff member Heidi