True Blood
Season 6, Episode 8
Episode Title: Dead Meat 

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

sookie-rue-blood-6-08-sookie-mulls-over-a-deal-with-warlowSookie went to the fairy realm to ask Warlow to help save her vampire friends.  He tells her that if he does it he wants her to be his forever.  Sookie goes and talks to Bill about it and is appalled that he sees nothing wrong with her being turned to save the vampires.  She eventually agrees to Warlow’s proposal.  She takes Bill to the  fairy realm to find Warlow still tied to the tree as she left him, but he had been attacked.  Bill declares it was Eric’s work.

The workers at the vampire camp start noticing the vampires that aren’t drinking the blood and starts gathering them in the white circular room.  Jessica realizes its Bill’s vision coming true and she tells the others they are going to meet the sun there.

The spokesperson for True Blood shows up at the camp demanding the see the governor.  She meets Sarah instead and they get in a fight and Sarah kills her.

Holly’s sons go to pick up Andy’s daughter after Arlene partially blames her for Terry planning his death.  Adele is making out with one of the boys when Eric arrives.  He glamours the boys and runs after Adele and feeds from her.  Andy later finds her running down the street.

Ricki challenges Alcide, but predicts he won’t be able to deliver a killing blow.  He fights her, but he leaves before killing her.  He returns Nicole and her mother to Sam.  He tells him that the pack life is behind him and they drink together at Merlotte’s.

Nicole’s mom books a flight for the two of them to leave, but after Sam smells that she’s pregnant he tries to convince Nichole to stay, when Sookie arrives.  She shows him her light and explains how she could rid herself of being fairy.  She tells him that she always figured the two of them would end up together.  He tells her that it’s the worst timing ever and tells her about the pregnancy.

vamp-camp_zpsfd784c28Arlene and Terry’s grandmother and sister get into it planning Terry’s funeral and Andy agrees to get her some of the things she wants included.

This was a pretty decent episode.  Everything is really picking up as we approach the final few episodes of the season.  I’m happy to see Alcide out of the pack and was glad to see a glimpse of the wolf he used to be and hope to see more of *that* Alcide, as I hate how he has been as pack master.  I think Jessica and James are kind of cute together, but I hate this whole Violet and Jason storyline already!

One thing that drove me crazy though is the discrepancy over Terry.  An episode or two ago Sookie heard Arlene crying over Terry’s fresh grave and now they’re planning the funeral?  To me this is a major mistake that should have been caught!

Other than I liked what I saw tonight and am anxious to see what happens in the remaining two episodes!