Dead Letter Day
Messenger, Book #3
By Eileen Rendahl
ISBN# 9780425258019

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

*Beware of Spoilers*

Melina is back in Eileen Rendahl’s third installment of the Messenger series, Dead Letter Day.  In this one, Melina is on the hunt for information as her werewolf friend, Paul, who has gone missing and nobody, except Melina and her friends, think anything is wrong.  The Pack thinks he is taking time to himself and won’t do anything to help in Melina’s search, so it’s up to her to do the heavy-hitting in this investigation!

For the majority of this book I thought it was just okay.  I felt that Melina’s own personal turmoil definitely took center stage, but we didn’t get any of the loving romance between Melina and her boy toy, Ted, that I was hoping for.  In fact, Ted was kind of annoying me in this one.  Especially with his reactions to certain things that happened in the book.

*Spoiler Ahead!  Please skip this next paragraph if you haven’t read this book and don’t want to know a major plot point*

I was a little bit bummed about the pregnancy that came to be in this novel.  I know that seems a bit too spoilerish for a review, but it was a main focus of the book and was revealed pretty early in the story, so it’s hard to write a review without mentioning it …. trust me, I tried!  The main reason I was against the bun in the oven was because this is only the third installment of the series and it just seems a bit premature to already be throwing babies in the mix.  It makes me wonder about the longevity of this series.

I also really missed Alex in this book!  Yes, he was in the story, but he didn’t make many appearances and I think the novel suffered because of it.  I really missed the humor that he brings to the table.  And, I’m not really loving him hooking up with Norah either, she just seems so bland and boring and I feel Alex needs somebody a little more exciting.  It’s a little too perfect how everybody is pairing off and is making me want to gag a little.

But have no fear, fellow readers!   The story does start to pick up toward the end and I found myself really enjoying the book by the time I was done reading it.  The ending definitely makes the story worthwhile.  And, I will definitely be reading the next book in the series, when it comes out!