About the project
New York based photographer Tim Hailand has released the first in an ongoing series of ‘One Day in the Life of’ books. Each book will give an intimate glimpse in the day to day lives of well known figures from the arts and entertainment industry as well as public figures. The first book in the series details ‘A Day in the Life of Daniel Radcliffe’, captured on January 13th 2009 during the actor’s Broadway run of EQUUS. Comprised of 50 images of Daniel Radcliffe, captured during his first experience of working in New York and on Broadway. Hailand hopes with this book to give the viewer greater insight into Radcliffe as a person as well as a creative and reflective thinker. The footnotes for each image have also been written by the young actor giving a personal perspective of each image and its relevance in that day.

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Tim Hailand is a really great photographer and I like his work. This project sounds interesting – what do you think? Will you purchase the book to learn more about what is happening on one day in Daniel’s life?