Darkfever (Fever, Book #1) by Karen Marie Moning Book Club Chapters 7-13

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Mac continues investigating her sister’s murder by talking to her classmates and teachers, who painted a totally different picture of her than she had ever known.  She also sees more double-visions which send her running back to the only person she can think of to help, Jericho Barrons.  She discovers that she is a Sidhe-Seer, a person that can see the fae for what they are instead of the glamor they put forth.  They also discover she is something Jericho did not believe existed, a null, one that can temporarily freeze a fae by touching it.  When Mac has a terrible reaction to photocopied pages of the Sinsar Dubh, Jericho discovers that Mac can sense the book and he takes her to different people’s houses looking for signs of the book.  She also discovers she can sense the other fae relics and even steals one from a self-proclaimed vampire, Malluce.

Favorite Scene:
I loved the scene with Mac and Barrons after leaving Maluce’s when she tells him that there is nothing on the property and then eventually reveals she stole the stone from him.  I just loved his reaction to this as he would never expect “Barbie” to steal something.

“Flattered as I am that you count me among the beautiful people, Barrons, allow me to point out that I’m still here, just as pretty as always, dickhead.”-Mac

“You, Ms. Lane, can sense the Sinsar Dubh.  And you just became very, very useful to me.”-Jericho

“If you treat me like one of your skanks again tonight, Barrons, you can just forget about our little arrangement.  You need me as much as I need you.  That makes us equal partners in my book.”-Mac

“Well, your book is just wrong,” –Jericho

“It is nothing I do, side-seer…it is what I am.  I am every erotic dream you’ve ever had and a thousand more you’ve never thought of.  I am sex that will turn you inside out and burn you down to ashes…And if I choose, I can make you whole again.”-V’lane

Discussion Questions:
How did you feel about how Jericho treated Mac as Casa Blanc?

Were you surprised that Mac stole from Malluce?

What did you think of Mac’s first encounter with V’lane?  Why do you think he wanted her to wear the Cuff of Cruce so badly?

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