Darkfever by Karen Moning

Chapters 14-25

Brought to you by OBS Staff member Dawn

Mac overhears Jericho and Fiona arguing. Fio wants Mac to go but Barrons insists she stay.
Mac knows there’s a secret they’re keeping from her. She continues to think on where Alina might have hidden her diary and who their bloodline might be.
Underground, Mac and Barrons steal what they’re looking for (Spear of Longinus) from O’Bannion and make a run for it.
V’Lane continues to approach Mac but Mac won’t fall for it. The old woman approaches Mac and insists she was adopted. Mac knows she must ask her parents if she’s adopted.
Barrons teaches Mac how to defend herself and kill if necessary. She manages to kill the Gray Man, with Barrons’ help.
Mac visits the alley where Alina was found, she finds an address etched nearby. The address doesn’t show up on any maps. Deep in the abandoned neighborhood. She goes into the house and finds pics of Alina in one of the bedrooms.
She then goes into the warehouse behind the house. She feels nauseated and sees a dolmen (a doorway) with monsters coming through. Malluce is there with the Lord Master (Alina’s boyfriend) they want to use her as they used Alina.
Mac almost gets killed, Jericho saves and heals her. And then he paints her toe nails.
Favorite Scene:
During the battle, Mac kicks ass. I lover her fighting spirit but when she almost gets killed and Barrons yells out her first name, it speaks volumes about his feelings for her.
Barrons: “Fio,” he said, “my foolish, sweet, faithful Fio; there will always be a place for you in my thoughts. But I am not then man you believe me to be. You have romanticized me unforgivably.”

Barrons: “You came looking for this mess, Ms. Lane. You sauntered in here all innocence and stupidity asking for the Sinsar Dubh, remember? I told you to go home.”

Mac: “Realism. I’m talking about reality here, Barrons. Pull your head out. What do you think O’Bannion’s going to do to us when he finds out? Give us a little slap on the wrist?”

Discussion Questions:

What do you think of the O’Connor line that Mac comes from?

Would you spend a year searching for your sister’s killer?

Why do you think the Shades don’t go after Barrons?

What do you think it means for Mac and Barrons after he calls out her first name during the battle?

Who was your favorite character in the 2nd half of the book?

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