Darkest Highlander

Dark Sword, Book #6

By Donna Grant

ISBN# 9780312533496

Author’s Website:  http://www.donnagrant.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

darkest-highlanderEver since Broc saved Sonya and Anice as babies, he has made it his personal mission to watch over them and keep them safe, even while living in the evil mountain, Carin Toul, doing Deidre’s bidding.  He failed Anice though, but he refuses to fail the beautiful Sonya!  So when he discovers that she has left MacLeod Castle he wastes no time in using his power to find her.  But convincing her to come back could prove more difficult.

The last book or two in the series have been leading up to a romance between Broc and Sonya, one I was really excited for, with all that pent up emotion and lust between the two.  But somehow the execution fell a little flat for me.  I didn’t ‘feel’ their connection is this book and found them to be a bit on the bland side.

In this book, we discovered Broc’s curse and I really thought it would play a bigger role in this novel than it did.  It was mentioned, thrown out there for us all to see, it caused his reservations of the relationship with his fear of Sonya dying, and Sonya wanted to prove he wasn’t cursed … but she really didn’t.  He decided he couldn’t live without her curse or not, it didn’t really feel like he overcame the curse though.

Sonya is just too much of a straight-shooter goodie-two-shoes for me to truly like.  It overall just made her come out as bland and boring, not really having much of a personality to speak of.  I also found her going into Carin Toul to save Broc to be really unrealistic.  A smart person would get reinforcements first, and I think she is a planner and would definitely not go into a situation like that unprepared as she was.  Then to actually save him.  No, I just don’t think so.

We got to see the other characters in this series as well.  Being a person who actually read the Dark Warriors series first, I finally got to see how Duncan’s demise came about and also the introduction of Declan.  I just wish I could have enjoyed this book more, I felt like I was just going through the motions on this one.  But good news for those reading the two series in order … it now switches to the Dark Warriors series, which I thought was much better than Dark Sword!  Enjoy:)