2 star rating
Darkest Flame
Dark Kings, Book #1
By Donna Grant
ISBN# 9781250041364
Author’s Website:  http://www.donnagrant.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

darkest-flame-dark-kings-donna-grantKellan has been in a long deep sleep as a way to escape the humans that he detests.  So imagine how he must have felt when it was a couple humans that finally woke him.

MI5 agent, Denae, was on a reconnaissance mission with her partner to discover what those at Draegon are hiding.  Little did she know that her death was part of the endgame.  But Denae is a tough cookie and was able to fight off and kill her partner, but not without sustaining injuries of her own.  Beings as all of this took place inside Kellan’s cave, he did what he must, and took Denae to Con to save her.  Try as he might to ignore and forget her, he just couldn’t.  And now that both MI5 and the Dark Ones are after Denae, he will stop at nothing to protect her.

This is the first full-length Dark Kings novel, and I was hoping for a much better installment than the three novellas before it, but sadly I just couldn’t get into it!  I’ve been in quite the reading funk lately so that could have something to do with it.  This book just didn’t grab my interest and I really struggled to read more than a chapter at a time throughout most of the novel.

Kellan and Denae were ok enough characters, but they just don’t stand out in a genre and even a series of characters just like them!  I would have enjoyed hearing Kellan’s backstory and more of the reasons he hates humans so, and I think it would have given him more depth.  Obviously he hates humans due to the loss of his dragons and some unknown betrayal, but I want to know more!!

Denae can surely kick butt, but for her I’d like to see a softer side, a glimpse of the girl that hides behind that hard shell.  Then maybe she would seem more believable and likeable to me!

This story takes the series deeper into the supernatural world, bringing the Fae right to the Dragon Kings’ doorstep.  An impending war just around the corner.

We also got to see a few of our beloved warriors from the Dark Warriors series that started it all for me!!

Fire Rising is the next installment of the Dark Kings series, and I just hope it’s more gripping than this tale was!