Dark Side of the Moon

Dark-Hunter, Book #9

Were-Hunter, Book #3

By Sherrilyn Kenyon

ISBN# 9780312934347

Author’s Website:  http://www.sherrilynkenyon.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

dark-side-of-the-moon-dark-hunter-were-hunter-sherrilyn-kenyonSusan Michaels’s life has gone to hell in a hand-basket.  She was a bulldog of a reporter after the story of her life, but after her big story broke it was revealed that her main source had lied and she became the laughing stock of the journalistic world.  No reputable paper would have her, forcing her to work on a rag that reports vampire sightings and the like.  The man she thought she loved left her high and dry not wanting her reputation to tarnish his own.  The only good thing she has left in her life are her friends Angie and Jimmy.

When Angie calls with what sounds like a lead on a real story, Susan jumps to meet her at a local animal shelter.  But she somehow gets roped into taking a cat home with her, despite the fact she’s allergic.  But when Susan removes the too-tight collar, imagine her surprise when the kitty turns into a full-sized leopard and then into a naked and very sexy man!

Ravyn Kontis is a Were-Hunter that has been made into a Dark-Hunter after his at the time intended mate betrayed him and caused the women and children of his village to be brutally tortured and murdered.  Artemis granted him his act of vengeance, but the remainder of his family could never forgive him for the loss of their loved ones, in fact, one of his brothers is the one that killed him.  And, Ravyn didn’t even fight him, so overwhelmed with guilt, he just let it happen.

Ravyn was dying his final death in that animal shelter with the magical collar around his neck keeping him from shifting, but he couldn’t keep the form of a small house cat for long, it was only a matter of time before his head would have exploded as he got bigger and bigger.  Thankfully Susan got him to safety just in time!  But sadly, his rescue cost Susan’s closest friends their lives.  And worse Susan and Ravyn are wanted for their murders!

The Daimons have partnered with humans to rid Seattle of Dark-Hunters.  Before his death, Jimmy had told Susan about corruption that went way up the ladder in the police force, now in hiding, Susan and Ravyn must figure out what is going on and how to stop it!

This was a good book in the Dark-Hunter/Were-Hunter world.  I really enjoyed Ravyn…. Those Were-Hunters get me Every. Single. Time!  Sexy, loyal, and, tortured by his past, he had me eating out of his hand or paw…  And, it’s pretty cool that he can get around that whole burning in the sunlight thing by turning into a cat.

I enjoyed Susan as well.  She had her own tortured past to deal with, not to mention the horrible events of her present circumstances.  I loved how she found ways to help and comfort Ravyn, even when he didn’t want it!  I figured out what was going to happen between these two pretty early on, but it was fun to “watch”.

Again, we saw more of the things that Ash goes through to be able to help his hunters, and the pain he puts himself through when he is unable to help.

We also got re-introduced to a very angry and vindictive Nick!  Which is bound to get only worse after how he was tricked in this book!  I’m anxious to see what happens next in this series!