Dark Alpha’s Night

Reaper, Book #5

By Donna Grant

ISBN#  9781250138125

Author’s Website:  http://www.donnagrant.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

The Reapers are still trying to figure out how they can stop Bran, who is determined to kill them and Death.  It’s hard to fight an enemy when you can’t harm them and now Death is unable to help as Bran has found a way to drain her of her power.

River found something in one of the ancient texts about Bran’s descendants.  The Reapers set out to find the remaining living members of Bran’s line, which leads Daire to Killarney, Ireland, and the three O’Byrne sisters.

Daire has an instant attraction to the oldest sister, Ettie, but Bran is already in Killarny and is trying his hardest to woo her. They know that Bran wants something, but they have to figure out what before it’s too late and before he can gain any more power or advantages over the Reapers.

This was a short book, but it was an okay read all in all.  It was novella length and so everything happened rather quickly.

I’ve always enjoyed Daire so I was happy to see this was his book!  I couldn’t help, but feel bad for him in the beginning of the story when he was annoyed at being surrounded by couples!  So, of course we knew he’d find his woman in this book!

Ettie has trained her whole life to battle the Fae, her father always told her to be ready.  She kind of reminded me of…

But, her dad never told her what she needed to be ready for.  Now that they have finally met some Fae, she’s learning that there is no way she can defeat them without possessing any magic of her own!

This was an okay read, nothing all that exciting really happens though.  It was a pretty one-dimensional read.  And for someone who felt betrayed by Daire, Ettie sure forgave him rather quickly!  Daire was pretty sweet with her though and I enjoyed their scenes when they were alone.

We’re almost though all the Reapers though so I have to wonder if this series is coming to an end.  Cael hasn’t found love yet, but I suspect he will end up with Erith.  I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*