by LA Times

Who will star as Bilbo Baggins in ‘The Hobbit’? You can cross one name off the list: Daniel Radcliffe. He says he has no interest in any new project with “any wizards in it.”

“I’d have to say, ‘Thanks but no thanks,’ not that anyone has asked me,” the 20-year-old actor told last week in England. “Honestly, I don’t think they would want me anyway, it’s just too close. Whatever I do next, I don’t think there will be any wizards in it!”

In a readers poll were more than 5,700 votes cast, and Radcliffe came in third behind James McAvoy and David Tennant as the best choice to play Bilbo. Radcliffe says he casts his own ballot for Scottish actor McAvoy. “James is fantastic. I think he should play it. I’ve done the fantasy-film thing. Actually, so has he, with the ‘Chronicles of Narnia’. But I’ve done it for longer. He can take over. I’m done. I don’t think anybody involved in that would want me to, either.”

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I have to agree with Daniel – I’d love to see James McAvoy playing Bilbo, too. And I understand that Daniel don’t want to play another fantasy-movie at the moment. What do you think about this news? That Daniel Radcliff turns Peter Jackson and Guillermo del Toro down.