Dangerously Divine

Broken Riders, Book #2

By Deborah Blake

ISBN: 978-1101987186

Author’s Website: deborahblakeauthor(.)com


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The author of the “wonderful” (Tamora Pierce) Baba Yaga novels and Dangerously Charming is back with a magically mesmerizing new tale about the dashing and daring Broken Riders…

The Riders: Three immortal brothers who kept the Baba Yagas safe, now stripped of their summons to protect. But fate is not finished with them—and their new callings are even more powerful…

Though his physical wounds have healed, Gregori Sun, the eldest of the Riders, remains in spiritual turmoil. His search for his mother, the one person able to heal his soul and save his life, is failing—until he crosses paths with a beautiful and fascinating librarian who might be the key to his salvation…

Ciera Evans’s bookish ways are just a guise. The product of a difficult past, she has dedicated her life to saving lost teens—by any means necessary. She works alone, but when a dark, brooding stranger proposes they team up to solve both their problems, she is tempted—in more ways than one…

After Ciera and Sun’s plans are derailed by dangerous enemies, they find themselves entangled in an ungodly affair—one that will force them to either find new strength together or be forever haunted by their pasts alone.


In Dangerously Divine, we meet Gregori Sun after the events that took place in Dangerously Charming and he helped his brother Mikhail with his new-found abilities. Now is the case of Gregori, who, after being tortured by a crazy Baba Yaga and lost his immortality, has started to manifest strange abilities himself, abilities that resemble things that his mother was able to do. In hope of understanding his new abilities, Gregori has decided to look into his mother Iduyan, a mystical shaman, that was able to extend her life and of her followers’ through meditation and understanding of the universe energy.  Given that he hasn’t seen his mother in a couple of centuries, he doesn’t know where she is or how to locate her, and his father the god Jarilo has been gone or asleep for some time to ask for help. The only thing that he can think of doing, is to join a Buddhist temple and research her mother’s history, while trying to find peace of mind again.

As Gregori starts his path with the Buddhists and his research to find his mother, he meets the librarian Ciera Evans, who works at the University of Minnesota and helps him when he asks for odd or weird information. On the outside Ciera looks like any other boring librarian, but at night she goes out and does her best to clean up the streets of dealers and pimps on the bad streets of Minneapolis. She has a dark past that is the fire that ignites her revenge and need to be a vigilante.

As the two of them start to spend more time together, a different fire ignites in both of them that makes them rethink their life choices and how it would change their lives, but there are different people who would like to see them disappear to keep their own plans a secret.

I really liked Dangerously Divine, at the beginning I felt it was somewhat slow to tell us the problem of the story, but once you started to get a hang of the characters and what they wanted it became more entertaining.

On this Broken Riders series, we get to learn more about the red rider, Gregori Sun. Gregori met a cameo the first book of the series, Dangerously Charming, to help his brother Mikhail. Gregori is very different to Mikhail and that was something that I liked in this series. It often is that in a series that has brothers as protagonist, that they tend to have the same personality and way of doing things.  This wasn’t the case, and Gregori was a fresh breath to this fantasy world.

I liked the personality of both Gregori and Ciera. Both of them are different to the other, but still have similarities past that makes them come to a same choice or decision.  They respect each other choices and accepted that they can become more is they help one another.

The story presents a variety of characters that add a different flavor to the story. We get to see previous characters from the Baba Yaga series, but at the same time we meet new ones. One that I liked was a the Jarilo, Gregori’s father, who was fun to read. For some reason I also liked a friend and volunteer from the Soup kitchen that Ciera and Gregori volunteer.

I keep liking the supernatural world that this series takes place and I like the interaction between the Otherworld and the humans.

If you are a fan of Deborah Blake or her work in the Baba Yaga series, then I recommend you, Dangerously Divine. In this story, we meet a man that after an awful betrayal, who has lost so many things, now just wants peace, and a woman that is looking for the murder of her mentor and savior; once they meet they start to reevaluate where their lives are going and how they can stay together.


*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*