4 star


Dangerous Territory

Alpha Ops #1

By Emmy Curtis

ISBN# 9781455530731

Author’s Website: http://www.emmycurtis.com

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Some Spoilers



Flirting with danger is reporter Grace Grainger’s modus operandi. But she’s learned the hard way not to grow attached to the soldiers she’s embedded with in Afghanistan. To escape from her pain and loneliness, she fantasizes about the hot night she spent with a gorgeous stranger three years before in D.C. Grace never thought she’d see him again—let alone need him to rescue her . . .


Air Force Master Sergeant Josh Travers knows journalists are nothing but trouble. So when he has to risk his team’s lives to save some reporter who’s been separated from her patrol, he’s not happy—until he recognizes her stunning eyes and delicious curves. Josh has never wanted a woman like he wants Grace. He needs her—even in an Afghan cave with a sandstorm and enemy troops closing in. This might be the end for both of them—or one hell of a beginning.


Chapter 1 – the assignation:

I could just feel the sexual tension rise when they get in the elevator:

 ”Her kiss was at once tentative and knowing. She nibbled at his lower lip, and once he opened his mouth to her, he was gone. Lost in her. What the Hell?”

All I could think was that this is one hot one-night stand about to happen!  While it is not behavior I would condone in real life….for my fiction reading pleasure, it sure made for some hot reading for Grace (aka Sally – for the evening) to hook up with a tall dark stranger for one night of passion before she ships out for her embedded deployment.

I loved that Josh was able to assist `Sally` in her troubles…the scene where he has her write everything down about her friend who had died while on a shared tour of duty was very poignant.

Then for Chapter 2 – we are entrenched in life on the front lines with Grace, three years later.  It is here we get further details as to why she “needed” the one night stand in the first chapter.  She just needed to feel alive.  As Grace shrank into the MRAP – mine-resistant, ambush-protected-vehicle along on a routine night time ride along (if there can be such a thing as `routine` during war) she records the responses to questions such as “What are you most looking forward to when you get home?” from the Sergeant, Beth Garcia.  Unfortunately during this ride along, tragedy ensues and the troops must call in for help to be rescued.  As a result of this, Grace waits in a safe location, but then gets left behind.  Once it is discovered that she has been left in the hills in Afghanistan, para-rescuer Josh Travers and his crew go out to rescue the journalist.  When Josh comes face to face with Grace – they both remember 3 years ago at the Four Seasons hotel in Washington, D.C.  Unfortunately, enemy fire requires the rescue helicopters to take off before Josh and Grace have gotten on board.

Being rescued is not as easy as one would hope, especially with enemy fire, windstorms, injuries, etc.  Times were tense as a result of Josh having absolutely NO use for journalists.   During the time until Grace and Josh return to base camp, some interesting things happen!  I won`t expound upon it so as to leave some mystery.  I was however moved by the compassion Grace showed and assistance Josh gave to the little boy.  Very engaging segment.

This story has all the requisite components for an enjoyable read…hot sexy guy, connection gained, lost and regained between Josh and Grace, well described (and tastefully told) sex scenes.  Did I mention interesting storyline told VERY well?  All in all, a great read.  I look forward to further books in the series!

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