4 star


Dance To The Piper

O’ Hurley Born #2

By Nora Roberts

ISBN# 9781551660073

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dance-to-the-piperLife on Broadyway is all she ever wanted, until she met Reed. Maddy O’ Hurley is a dreamer with raw talent, who is kind and famous. Brought and raised into the world by two performers, she is quite content with her life. While being mugged, she meets the sexiest, most intriguing man, Reed Valentine. Unaware of his cynicism and past betrayals Maddy pursues the man who is financially backing the play in which she stars as a stripper. Although Reed doesn’t usually go for the energetic spur of the moment kind of girl, something about Maddy O’Hurley captures his attention. Organized and level headed, Reed has no idea the storm he is in for.


To begin, the story was a very original boy meets girl. Although Roberts tells it well, I was expecting something more. Maddy is beautiful, young, fit and famous. I would have liked some more flaws in her so I could relate more. I am not a dancer, so it was a little difficult for me to empathize than usual. I absolutely love that Maddy is portrayed as a sweet gentle soul. Even when she was being mugged she was trying to reason with the teen for trying to steal sweaty shoes. Although she can afford to live in a “higher” class part of town, she chooses to remain in a beat up building filled with gypsies. Reed Valentine on the other hand, is quite the opposite. Very classy suit and tie kind of guy. Although he is wealthy, he is still kind. A little further into the story he becomes quite a jerk. Very on and off. His reasoning for that isn’t revealed until the last few chapters. I just don’t have an appreciation for people who stereotype. Just because one woman did you wrong doesn’t mean that you close your heart to love, or try to fight your true feelings. Hence the saying “ Old and Cynical”. Deep down, no one wants to be alone.


Overall I felt that the story could have had more development and surprises, but it wasn’t a terrible read. I especially look forward to reading about Maddy’s older brother who travels the world. He seems adventurous and very interesting