Plague Town
Ashley Parker, Book #1
Dana Fredsti

Review brought to you by OBS staff member Dawn


Ashley was just trying to get through a tough day when the world turned upside down.

A terrifying virus appears, quickly becoming a pandemic that leaves its victims, not dead, but far worse. Attacked by zombies, Ashley discovers that she is a ‘Wild-Card’ — immune to the virus — and she is recruited to fight back and try to control the outbreak.

It’s Buffy meets the Walking Dead in a rapid-fire zombie adventure! (Amazon)


I’ve never been a big fan of zombie books. They’re usually really gross and too detailed. For the most part, I steer clear of these type of books. That said I couldn’t put it down! It’s that good!

Initially I was wary of the changing points of view, but I found it helped ease me into the story and it broke up the intensity. Fredsti did a great job of being in a zombie’s head space to the point of being seriously creepy.

I like the premise of some people being immune to the virus. Fredsti took it even further – the virus enhances them. The book has a solid plot bringing together science and humanity.

Ashley, one of the main characters, is a bad-ass. She’s tough, she’s a smart-ass. I love her. She can’t be intimidated and she has a mind of her own. Ashley is my ideal leading female. She has all the traits I hope for in a main character.

The best thing about the book is the humor. The humor offsets the ugliness. It brings levity to an otherwise dire situation.  At one point, Ashley refers to herself as a “profane munchkin” which cracked me up. She has a serious potty mouth that makes her even more likeable. She’s not a Barbie robot. She’s flawed but in relatable ways.

In spite of the number of characters, Fredsti’s character development is off the charts. I didn’t feel overwhelmed (as I often do) with all the characters. I felt like I knew each one of them intimately.

The sex scene is perfectly placed. There’s enough character development that you’re ready for them to just go at it. And they did go at it. HOT!!!

Bottom line: Fun and humorous. If you’re a zombie fan, it’s a must read.