Demons From Hell, Book #1

By Zane Morrow



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The bad boy rocker needs a babysitter.

There’s no streaking on the Las Vegas Strip. So when Damien Cross, lead singer for the rock band Demons from Hell, gets drunk and caught doing just that, his label gives him a choice. He can agree to let a representative follow him around on the tour and keep him in line, or he can be replaced with someone who won’t cost the company its reputation. The last thing he needs is a babysitter. Then he meets her.

Lydia has a passion for music. Working for the record label is her dream come true. Having to watch over Damien Cross, however, is a nightmare. If she blows this assignment, she could lose her job. If she hooks up with the lead singer like every other girl he meets, she could lose her heart.

Can music bridge the distance between two people?



Damien starts off with a bang – “I don’t need a fucking babysitter.”  Really, a rock star needing a babysitter?  Well, that is what happens when Damien Cross gets drunk (not an unusual event) and then streaks down the Las Vegas Strip. But if you look at Damien’s recent behavior…that just might be what he needs”

A fucking babysitter,” I muttered under my breath. Truth be told, I remembered very little about the night in Vegas. I was remembering very little about most nights.”

Well, to me that definitely signaled a problem. Not just with his drinking and drugs but I needed to know the underlying reason for Damien’s nightly flights from reality. Glad to see, even on a superficial level, the record label trying to do something, their motivations are not the same, but at least it should help Damien straighten out?

In comes Lydia, an administrative assistant in the head office that has been assigned to make sure Damien does not go off the rails again. Lydia is to accompany the band on tour with the goal of keeping Damien fully clothed and hopefully out of trouble.

Needless to say, the beginning is rocky. Damien pushes Lydia and Lydia does not put up with his rude behavior.

 “….Are you ready to watch me get drunk and f*** groupies?” I chuckled.

 Her green eyes flashed at me. “This is why I get the big bucks.”

She was a feisty on; I liked that.

“Maybe you’ll want to join us.: I waggled my eyebrows at her and stared pointedly at her cleavage.

She adjusted her shirt and rolled her eyes at me. “Doubtful, Mr. Cross.”

“Call me Damien. Then again, it might be hot to hear you cry out ‘Mr. Cross’ while I’m eating your pussy.” I was pushing her, seeing how far she’d let me go.

“Damien, I trust you won’t talk to me like that again, or I’ll report back to Mr. Ryan that you’re a hopeless bad boy who can never be tamed and therefore a risk for the record label.”….

I was pissed; she was hot, but she was a bitch.

Well if that does not get you hooked on this short novella, I don’t know what will!

The eventual hook up and relationship between Lydia and Damien was expected. But what wasn’t expected was the feelings that developed. This is good because being “real” just might allow Damien to write again…. Get his passion for the music back.

Without giving too much more away, I suggest you pick up this novella and give it a read.  This may have been my first read by author Zane Morrow, but it will not be the last.