Have you seen ‘em yet? The pumpkins. The flying witches. The vampire bats. Every store I enter seems to have the Halloween decorations up already. I know–some folks think it’s too early for that. But, hey, I’m a paranormal writer. For me, it’s NEVER too early for that. I’ve had my “Here lives the wicked witch and all her little monsters” sign up for weeks now. I can’t help it, the Halloween decorations make me feel good.

And speaking of Halloween…here’s a friendly reminder that my Month of Monsters will be kicking off on October 1. I’ve got some fabulous authors lined up to guest post–and there are some great prizes waiting for commenters! So be sure to come by for a month full of monster posts and fun.

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I can’t wait to see what she has in store for the month of October. I need to read some of her other books because I loved the Vampire’s Kiss.

Have you read any of her books?