Cucumber Quest: The Flower Kingdom

Cucumber Quest, Vol. #4

By Gigi D.G.

ISBN: 9781626728356

Author Website: cucumber(.)gigidigi(.)com

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What’s in a name?

In order to defeat the Nightmare Knight, legend dictates that the DreamSword must be autographed by seven princesses. But things get a bit complicated when our heroes discover that the Flower Kingdom has no royalty! Luckily, the “king” of fashion, Mr. R is on the hunt for the new face of his style empire, and whoever catches his eye will be named… (wait for it…) “Princess R”!

Who will claim the coveted title? And why does it feel like we’re forgetting something important…? (Goodreads)


Loved the design of this comic! The comic design and characters are really cute. I love the color palette, and although I’m still not sure what the technique or medium of the illustration is, I like that it almost looks like pastel, with watercolor or gouache, it has a nice texture.

The story was really fun to follow. Sir Carrot, Nautilus, Cucumber, and Almond get themselves involved in a, sort of, fashion contest. They get separated, reunited, and then find themselves in trouble against Rosemaster. My favorite part was seeing Rosemaster’s story unfold. She goes through different phases and her story becomes really intriguing. I hope we get to see more of her at some point in the future. Then there’s this pretty moment between Sir Carrot and princess Parfait, which has a beautiful illustrated flashback. And finally, there is very interesting scene between Peridot and Sir Nightmare that you can’t miss..

Cucumber Quest: The Flower Kingdom is a fun volume for all ages and the artwork is something to appreciate. There are several interesting moments within the story that leave you wanting more and trying to figure out what will happen next. As a comic reader, I recommend Cucumber Quest: The Flower Kingdom!

Memorable Quotes:

“Cut the monologue!”

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