Title: Create a Masterpiece

Series: Single Wide Female: The Bucket List

By:  Lillianna Blake


Author’s Website:

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I’ve decided to make my mark on life. I don’t need fame, fortune or the way I’m going—notoriety. I just need to create one little ripple that people will appreciate for years to come. 

So I joined an art class and learned how to paint. I have visions of grand vistas, beautiful lilies, and stunning portraits pouring from my overly manicured hands. Hours and hours I’ve spent splashing colors on a series of canvases and in the end I learned one outstanding life lesson. Never, ever volunteer. 

Avert your eyes if you ever see me in public—some things should not be seen. I’ll never get a boyfriend now. (Goodreads)


Having just read Create a Masterpiece, the fourth installment of the Single Wide Female: The Bucket List series I must say, the stories are short and sweet with humour, romance and so far, each one seems to have a very significant and poignant message. As I am reading them in quick succession, I don’t feel like I am actually reading many short stories (though I am).  However, I would point out that while they may be able to read out of sequence, I could see how one might lose some important continuity if not read in order.

This addition to the Single Wide Female: The Bucket List is, as always, filled with laughable moments. But also some filled with important messages for oneself. For example:

“Being able to express yourself on paper, on canvas, or even through needle and thread puts a little of yourself out into the universe.”

This also the first time where we see Sam trying to embrace the “friend” zone with Max, distance herself as it were.

The painting class is fraught with mishaps (ones you should read about). Needless to say, some laughter is involved and of course, it is embarrassing for Samantha. But the lessons learned are good and as usual – an enjoyable and quick read. All I must say is that Samantha has more hutzpah than I could ever have.  I can’t wait to read book #5, Run a Marathon.