Coyote’s Mate

Breeds, Book #13

Coyote Breeds, Book #2

By Lora Leigh

ISBN# 9780425226339

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They call him Ghost.  He’s a Coyote alpha of a mercenary group of Coyote Breeds that free Breeds from within the labs.  Several of those Coyotes stay on with him and serve under him.  He was contacted by someone inside a lab that contained five female Coyote Breeds.  Female Coyotes are rare as the scientists routinely killed them.  The females are their future.  He knows he has to free them, but it takes time to plan.  He’s shocked when he finally meets the contact, the daughter of one of the scientists in the lab.  Anya was just a kid at 16 years old, but she was able to figure out how to find and contact him.  He knew from that first meeting that he was going to betray her.

The rescue was several years in the making.  And, when the time came he broke his one promise to Anya, not to hurt her father and cousins that worked in the lab.  She also didn’t expect him to kidnap her!  He claimed her in such an animalistic way that it frightened her, and left her feeling used afterwards.  All of which that led to the first Breed tribunal, where Anya requested an order of separation from her mate.  He agreed to a year of going on missions and not being at Base when she’s there.  It’s only been eight months and he’s ready to stop traveling and to find a way to get his mate to accept him once and for all.

Shortly after Del-Rey returned home, someone makes an attempt to take Anya.  It’s someone on the inside that knows things that outsiders just don’t know.  Unfortunately, the only person that can help weed out the culprit is Anya’s biggest enemy.  But can they discover who is responsible before they take his coya out once and for all?

“If he was hurt, it would be her fault. And it wasn’t fair, she thought with an edge of self-pity. If anyone got to hurt him, it should be her. Not strangers that didn’t know him.”

I really enjoyed this story.  It’s been a long while since I read any of these books, and I really missed it!  The story and characters quickly drew me in and I didn’t want to put this book down!

I really enjoyed Anya.  She was a fighter, more so than most of the mates in this series have been thus far.  She was a lot smarter than most as well.  You don’t see her running off half-cocked because her mate hurt her feelings.  Although I wouldn’t have blamed her, if she had.  Del-Rey hurt her again and again.  Sadly, he didn’t even mean to.  He thought he was protecting her, but was doing unimaginable damage to her heart.  In the end, it put her in danger, even among his own pack.  It left him racing the clock to find her before he lost her for good.

“I love you, Coya,” he whispered. “Live for me, baby. Live for me. Because I can’t live without you.”

If I was Anya, I’d have had to beat Sofia.  She was beyond hateful to her, and always trying to make a play for Del-Rey!

I loved seeing the Coyotes that Anya helped save to step up for her, and even be willing to go up against the Alpha, if need be!  I can’t wait to see Cavalier get his own book!  Not to mention, books for Brim, Jax, and the girls!  I just love the coyotes, their stories have been great so far!  I can’t wait for the next one, where we will hopefully see more of these characters and what has happened since this book!

“Never dare a Coyote. Ever. It was a law, even the council knew to never dare them. They always accepted a dare. They always triumphed.”