Cowboy Stole My Heart

River Ranch, Book #1

By Soraya Lane

ISBN13: 9781250131034

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It takes true grit to build a billion-dollar dynasty like the Ford family ranch. But when it comes to finding love, all it takes is one handsome cowboy to steal a woman’s heart…


As one of the heirs to the River Ranch fortune, Mia Ford is practically Texas royalty. But that doesn’t mean she’s some pampered princess. She can saddle up and ride a horse as well as any man, even a hard-working cowboy like Sam Mendes. For years, she’s harbored a crush on the strong, silent horseman. But how can she make a move when she’s his boss?


Sam Mendes is through with love—or so he thought. Still recovering from a breakup, he’s doing everything in his power to resist Mia Ford. It’s bad enough she’s the kind of beauty who drives men wild with desire. It’s even worse she’s got him so worked up, aching to kiss her lips, when he’s supposed to be working her ranch. Is this lovestruck cowboy willing to risk losing his job—and breaking his heart—to win the girl of his dreams?


Mia Ford is a cowgirl, through and through.  She is an award-winning horse jumper and she is in charge of all the horses at her dad’s ranch, River Ranch.  People think she is a pampered princess but that could not be further from the truth.  She has had her share of heartache, losing her mother at an early age and also her best friend.  She finds herself with Tex, an untrainable horse that she refuses to give up on.  Enter Sam Mendes.

Sam is known for having a way with horses.  Some people even call him a horse whisperer.  He has become so well known that he has written a book and goes on tour, showing off his talents.  If anyone can help Mia train her horse, it is Sam.

Sam is great with horses, not so great with women.  After getting his heart broken by his fiance, he has sworn off women.  But when he meets Mia, he finds that he is intrigued by her and wants to get to know her better.  The more time he spends with her, the more he likes her.  He realizes he may have to change his thoughts about finding love again.  But as in real life, it will not be an easy journey to find his happily-ever-after.

I enjoyed getting to know Mia and Sam.  Mia is a spunky spirited woman who is not afraid to go for what she wants.  And she has decided she wants Sam.  Sam is a hardworking respectful man that is afraid of getting hurt again.  The two of them will have a bumpy ride trying to work things out and get together.  I enjoyed the bickering and banter between Mia and Sam, right from the day they met.  It was funny when they went toe-to-toe with each other.

The author is very talented in her descriptive writing.   In my mind, I could picture the ranch, the horses, and the rolling hills.  It was very relaxing reading the book with the ranch setting in the back of my mind.  I really enjoyed reading about Tex and everything that Sam did to try to make him trainable and safe.  I thought that added so much to the book.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well-crafted romantic western.  It has been a long time since I read a western and after reading this book, I am not sure why that is.  I will definitely read the next book in the series, scheduled to be released later this year.


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