Cowboy, Cross My Heart

Heart of Texas, Book #2

By Donna Grant

ISB# 9781250169006

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We met Brice Harper in the first book of the series, The Christmas Cowboy Hero.  He was a troubled teen who got roped into cattle wrangling and was saved by the Easts (and their ranch).

It’s been 12 years since then and Brice is all grown-up.  He’s the cowboy he always wanted to be, and is getting ready to embark on starting his own ranch.  Something his brother is less than thrilled about as he feels he’s being left behind once again.  If only Caleb would listen to him, he’d see that he was part of his plans all along.

Meanwhile, the brothers are competing at the local rodeo and the beautiful Naomi Pierce catches Brice’s eye.  He hasn’t been interested in women since his long-term relationship ended over a year ago.  Naomi is in town visiting her friend, Whitney, one of the rodeo pageant girls.

Brice finds himself in the right place at the right time when the girls are attacked.  He comes to their rescue, but nobody got a good look at their assailant.   And, it appears that Whitney knows more than she’s letting on.  It leads Naomi, Brice, Caleb, and their friends on a mission to break up a ring of powerful men that have been tormenting and abusing the pageant girls.  If they can only figure out who the men are!

This was another enjoyable read in the series.  I was excited to see that this book was about Brice!  Although I was a bit shocked, at how many years had gone by between the two books.  I guess Brice needed to grow a bit before he was ready to be a true cowboy though!

We got to see Clayton and Abby again and their herd of kids too!  It’s a little strange seeing Clayton take on the daddy role and that he really has taken over his dad’s place in the family.

I honestly didn’t care much for Whitney, but Brice, Caleb, and their friends were a lot of fun.  I especially liked Jace and I hope that he will get a book of his own.  I have to assume Caleb’s book will be next though.

I liked Brice and Naomi, but I felt at times they really rushed their relationship.  They didn’t have sex until over halfway through the book, but it somehow felt like they rushed into it.  Hey I’m starting to like you and then bam sex!  They were also wanting to move in together awfully sudden as well.

I’m curious for the next book, where hopefully we get to see what Brice and Caleb have done with the property Brice purchased!  And, of course for Caleb to find love!

This was an enjoyable read with some southern charm and sexy cowboys mixed in to keep things interesting.  I can’t wait for the next book!

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