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Coolest Girls in Fiction

A: Aislinn (Wicked Lovely) A normal girl that grows up in fear of faeries and then has to be the Queen of the Summer Court fey…she is a very strong female.
Anita Blake (Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series) She’s a necromancer that is able to raise zombies and is a vampire executioner.
Alice Cullen (Twilight Saga) She might be small but her visions help her family, friends and to plan Bella’s wedding.
Aphrodite (House of Night) She starts as the evil school princess, but ends up being one of Zoey close friends and with a hot guy by her side 😉

B: Bianca (Evernight) She is half human half vampire that’s in love with a vampire slayer…and she deal with it!
Bella Swan (Twilight Saga) Human-turned-vampire. After growing up without much of a family, she finds the family she always dreamed of having and gets to spend eternity with them. She’s fiercely loyal to those she loves.
Beatrice “Bertie” (Eyes Like Stars an Perchace to Dream) She is loyal to the core, strong and fierce, she faces up to he fears and fights for her friends.

C: Clare (Morganville Vampires) I love the way she deals with Myrnin.
Cat (Night Huntress series) Part vampire, part human.
Clara Gardner (Unearthly) Part angel, part human. Strong and loyal. She stands up to hear fears and dares to believe in herself and in the power of love despite the rules.

D: Donia (Wicked Lovely) She is the Winter Queen that is in love with a Summer King that she can never have. She has to deal with so much, and she handles it all with grace and cunning.

E: Eve Dallas (In death series) Cop with attitude.
Elena Michaels (Women of the Otherworld) Changed into a werewolf; strong, hardheaded, smart and born to lead.
Eugenie Markam (Dark Swan series) Despite an odd name, Eugenie is a shaman and part fey. She fights like a man and she can kick your ass.

F: Faythe Saunders (Werecat Shifter series) Next in line to take over the pack, strong, and fearless.
Fire (Fire) She is a beautiful half human half monster with fiery red hair, that is kickass!

G: Grace (Linger) She is one of the calmer & collected females of the YA genre. She is really cool without trying to be.

H: Hermione Granger (Harry Potter series) Easily the brightest witch of her time.

I: Isabelle Lightwood (The Mortal Instruments series) She kills daemons on a regular basis…and uses a whip! Awesome.

J: Joan of Arc (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel) In the books, she is a teacher and a guide to the twins…plus she kicks some serious ass. Great role model.

K: Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games) If you have read the book, then you know how awesome she is, no words needed!

L: Leslie (Ink Exchange WL series) This girl comes from a broken home and has been abused but she stays strong and fights.
Lena Duchannes (Caster Chronicles series) Caster. She’s a powerful caster caught in a struggle between good and evil that doesn’t conform to the small town stereotypes.

M: Mac (Fever) She takes care of business in style.
Maxine Kiss (The Hunter Kiss series) She can handle any demon out there, with style and good Bon Jovi music 🙂

N: Nora Grey (Hush, Hush) She is a smart, responsible girl…until she meets the bad boy/fallen angel Patch!
Nymphadora Tonks (Harry Potter series) She was one of the youngest OOTP members and auror with a good sense of style, for a witch. She didn’t let anything her stop her from marrying Lupin.

O: October Daye (October Daye series) One badass half fairy, who won’t let anything stop her from getting her life back on track after being turned into a fish for almost a decade.

P: Pam Ravenscroft (Sookie Stackhouse novels) She is a bad bitch that cracks me up!

Q: Queen Sophie-Anne Leclerq (Sookie Stackhouse novels) She’s a queen with ages of strategy and style, You never know what her next move will be.

R: Rachel (Hollows series) She’s a kick butt bounty hunter and Witch.
Rose (Vampire Academy) Strong fearless, fierce, funny and smart
Riley Jenson (Riley Jenson Series) Part wolf part vampire.
Ridley Duchannes (Caster Chronicles series) Siren. She’s Lena Duchannes’ cousin.  She’s the ultimate bad girl gifted with the power of persuasion.

S: Sookie (Sookie Stackhouse novels) She can hear what people think and she gets to bed Eric.
Sasha (Slave to Sensation) Smart, beautiful and fearless.
Sophie Hatter (Castle series) A strong-minded witch, whom at the end fall for the charming Howl. She get’s turned into a cat with her baby.
Stevie Rae (House of Night) She is the first High Priestess of the Red fledglings, her affinity is earth and she’ll do anything to help her friends and her hot raven boyfriend Rephaim.

T: Teresa (The Maze Runner) The only girl with dozens of young wild boys…She holds her own against all of them.

U: Urtha (Oz series) A girl made of flowers.  In Perhaps City in Maybe Mountains, a prophet predicts Princess Pretty Good will marry a monster. In order to stave off this fate, Abrog kidnaps the girl and tries to transform her into mud. Since she is a pretty good princess, she ultimately turns into the beautiful flower fairy Urtha.

V: Victoria (Intertwined) She’s the princess of the vampires with a hot boyfriend and bodyguard 😀

W: Willow Rosenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) The best witch Sunnydale ever had. She rocked as vamp Willow and was badass as dark Willow.

X: Xhex (Black Dagger Brotherhood) She’s a half-symphath who works for Rehv as a bodyguard/bouncer/co-manager at ZeroSum.

Y: Yuro Morino (Goth) She might be a quite girl with quite a secret, but she’s not afraid to face death.

Z: Zoey Redbird (House of Night) Vampire and High Priestess of Tulsa’s House of Night, with a cool tattoo running all over her body. Currently girlfriend of the hot Stark.
Zafrina (Twilight Saga) Her illusions can blind you completely and make you believe you’re anywhere she wants. A nice way to show Nessie more about the world 🙂


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