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At the crossroads of scary movies, shock rock and sequential art there stands one man: Rob Zombie. He first came onto the popular scene as the frontman and driving force of the heavy metal band White Zombie, and when he wasn’t on stage or in the studio he spent considerable time drawing much of the band’s promotional material and even took up directing their videos. He showed his geek stripes in the lyrics and the theatrics the band employed, which carried onto into his solo music career and even into movies he directed such as House of 1000 Corpses and the 2007 remake of Halloween.

From his years as a fan to his years on the stage and on set, Rob Zombie has seen every side of the celebrity life and lived to tell the tale. And in an upcoming miniseries from Image, Zombie takes us for a roller coaster ride up and down the spiraling tracks of celebrity-dom.

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Coming from Rob Zombie ‘Whatever Happen To Baron Von Shock’ will not be for the faint of heart, nor anyone under the age of 18.  Are you a Rob Zombie fan? Will  you be getting your hands on this eight-issue miniseries?