Finally, The Secrets Of Firefly’s Shepherd Book Will Be Told! We’ve been waiting years for the comic book that tells the backstory of Firefly‘s Shepherd Book, called The Shepherd’s Tale. And now it’s finally coming out, written by Zack Whedon from a detailed scene-by-scene outline by his brother Joss.

We’ve heard little hints about Book, including that he found God in a bowl of soup, he killed a man, and one part of him is artificial. But now, Zack Whedon explains to Comic Book Resources that all will be revealed about Serenity’s most enigmatic crewmember:

You will see Book’s full trajectory… How he became the man he was in the show and who he was previous to that. It takes you deep into his past. You really get to see the entire evolution of this man.

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Thor: A New Age for Asgard Thor fans worried about the fate of the series after the departure of J. Michael Straczynski have been able to rest easy knowing that first Kieron Gillen and then Matt Fraction would be taking over the book. Gillen is currently exploring the events of Siege from Thor’s perspective in his second arc. It’s clear Fraction is going to dealing with quite a bit of chaotic fallout when he takes over with issue #611 in June.

IGN Comics: We’re seeing most Marvel books, and the Avengers books in particular, carrying the Heroic Age banner. What does Heroic Age mean for Thor and the Asgardians?

Matt Fraction: Falling out of Siege. Asgard, as I’m sure you’ve seen in the promotional material, is hit particularly hard by the end of Dark Reign and Siege. It’s the Siege of Asgard. Heroic Age is the reconstruction

IGN Comics: Outside of Broxton, looking at the human world at large, would you say they view Asgard differently these days?

Fraction: I think the clear and present danger of it all is perhaps a little clearer. The essence of people remains the same. Neighbors are neighbors, and you help your neighbors.

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What do you think of The Shepherd’s Tale? Are you a fan of Firefly? Will you be buying the comic?

Are you a fan of the Thor comic? What do you think of Matt Fraction taking over it? With the new changes, would you still be following it?