iPad Wizardry: Jim Lee Sketches Wonder Woman

The blockbuster DC Comics artist — and copublisher — gives a lesson on color, composition, and awesomeness with this step-by-step tutorial on how to build an Amazon using Apple’s latest toy and your fingers.

If you’re not already following Jim Lee on Twitter, you should correct that oversight immediately, as he does stuff like this all the time. You know, basically rendering the balance of humanity thumbless, talent-free thugs. Anyway…behold.

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ComiXology, Marvel & the iPad: Can Comic Shops Co-Exist? It’s only been five days since Apple’s iPad went on sale Saturday morning, offering consumers the first mass-marketed color tablet, but the device has already made an impact on the world of digital comics.

“It’s been great. The response has been terrific. I think Marvel’s app was as high as No. 14 in all apps. I think they’re No. 18 now. And I don’t mean just book apps – I mean all apps,” said David Steinberger, CEO of ComiXology, which produced both the Marvel and Comics by ComiXology apps for the iPad. “We’ve been one of the best-selling apps on the iTunes store forever. So right now, we’re part of the two best-selling comic apps on the iTunes store. So yeah, it’s pretty exciting.”

While news and book publishers have long been in the throes of a digital revolution, comic books haven’t been as affected because they’re so dependent on color and a full, vertical screen reading experience. But the availability of the Apple iPad has changed all that with its touch screen that offers a viable option for reading digital comics.

Now the industry is braced for how this will affect the current distribution of paper comics and whether the shake-ups seen in other print industries will be experienced by comics. Currently, most print comics are distributed through local comic book stores, and just like CD and DVD stores, there’s a concern in the industry that those specialty stores won’t be able to compete.

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Wow, that looks great and you should see his Joker it looks amazing! Another use for the iPad and more for us to learn 😉 What do you think of this?

And here’s the bad side of the iPad, (some may think of it like that). I prefer the old comics, I love them and there’s so many things the people who buy them that like about them. Don’t you just like to feel the paper and its texture? See its natural colors? Those are some of the good thins of physical books, magazines and comics. What do you think of this?