Kevin Feige talks Marvel Future Projects like ANT-MAN, IRON MAN 3, THE AVENGERS, LUKE CAGE, THE RUNAWAYS, More!


In an online chat on the L.A. Times website HeroComplex, Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios, answered a ton of fan submitted questions. While he didn’t reveal any major Marvel secrets, he did give updates on numerous Marvel projects that are in development. Some of the projects he talked about were Ant-Man, The Avengers, Iron Man 3, Luke Cage, The Runaways, The Punisher, Deadpool, Thor, Captain America, Power Pack, and a few others. Here’s some of the bullet point highlights:

* Iron Man will have new armor in The Avengers
* The upcoming Marvel movies will continue hiding hidden Easter Eggs
* Says the next 3 years he’s working on Iron Man 3, The Runaways, Ant-Man and The Avengers
* Don Blake is somehow referenced in Thor
* Edgar Wright is still working on the screenplay for Ant-Man
* Mentions his love of Dr. Strange, Black Panther, and Luke Cage
* We should be seeing the Captain America trailer early next year
* They are working on The Punisher. No word if it’s TV or live-action
* Wants to bring female heroes to the big screen
* A very talented writer is currently working on a draft of Iron Fist right now
* Claims Natalie and Chris have amazing chemistry in Thor
* Open to an R-Rated Marvel movie
* Says some of the upcoming Marvel movies will have after the credit scenes
* The ten-minute shorts before the features was just a rumor.
* Says Fox is still working on a Deadpool movie
* Nick Fury will stay in the modern era
* No Invaders in Captain America but there will be Howling Commandoes


New Hellraiser Comic Strikes with a Boom!

Source: dreadcentral

Who knows how the Doug Bradley-less Hellraiser: Revelations is going to turn out. Not that Bradley, for whatever reason, was in much of the latter sequels anyway, but still! At least we have Pinhead on the page to turn to if things go awry!

From the Press Release
This March, Hell comes to BOOM! Studios as master of horror Clive Barker writes the newest chilling installment of his signature creation with the new HELLRAISER ongoing series! Joined by co-writer Christopher Monfette and HELLBLAZER artist Leonardo Manco, Clive Barker’s HELLRAISER #1 features covers by Tim Bradstreet and Nick Percival. The release of HELLRAISER #1 ongoing will be joined that same month by HELLRAISER: MASTERWORKS VOL. 1, the first in a series reprinting the hard-to-find Marvel Comics-era Hellraiser stories. To herald the HELLRAISER: MASTERWORKS series, HELLRAISER #1 will be an epic, oversized 40-page debut that includes a story by THE MATRIX co-writer & co-director Larry Wachowski — ripped from the HELLRAISER: MASTERWORKS series.

The debut volume of the HELLRAISER: MASTERWORKS series sees a slew of spine-tingling Pinhead tales by such creators as Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, Mike Mignola, Alex Ross & more, with cover by John Bolton!

“Beyond being a legendary creator of all things macabre, Clive Barker is truly an amazing individual and I’m proud to be able to work with him on reviving one of his most celebrated creations with HELLRAISER,” said Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “I’ve known Clive for years, but this is the first chance we’ve had to work together and I couldn’t be more excited. It’s been unbelievably gratifying to develop this series and witness the visceral, relentless, and shocking story that Clive has in store for a new generation of horror fans. Readers beware! Hell comes home this March!”




Writer: TonyDoug Wright

Pencils and Lettering: Victor Pozzi

Seventeen years ago, a college student named Charlie Westwood disappeared while investigating a secret society in his hometown of New Ravenwood, Ohio. A police investigation of Westwood’s disappearance led to a dead end but an archivist at a local university later discovered a photograph of Westwood. The photograph pre-dated Westwood’s disappearance by nearly sixteen years and the archivist decides to investigate the whereabouts of Westwood and the secret society.


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