Jesse McCartney, the Voice of Robin Talks Young Justice!


Young Justice featuring Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Aqualad, Artemis and Miss Martian premiered this evening on Cartoon Network with a two part pilot titled Independence Day. Jesse McCartney who provides the voice for Robin is a former member of the band Dream Street and is known these days as a singer – songwriter. His previous voice work includes Theadore in Alvin and the Chipmunks as well as it’s sequel.

He talked with CBR recently about Young Justice and what it’s like to voice Batman’s protege.

From CBR…

You’re playing Dick Grayson in “Young Justice” as opposed to Tim Drake or the current Robin, Damian Wayne. What do we need to know about your take on the original Boy Wonder heading into the pilot?

These are only 22-minute shows, so they’re really just trying to re-introduce the relationships. You see a lot of scenes of him and Batman where Batman is encouraging him to step up and be a leader of this team and Dick Grayson is very reluctant to do that because he still feels that he doesn’t know enough, which you do see throughout the episodes. You’ll see that he’s still very young and still very green when it comes to leading a team like this. And they incorporate a lot of drama, as well, outside of the team. There is a lot of Superboy and Miss Martian. I was talking to the producer about this and how this show, this time around, they have a lot of outside drama that wouldn’t have been read in any comic. And I think that’s another cool appeal for the show.


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Julie Taymor‘s musical Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark is the holiday gift that keeps on giving in 2010. You want to see Spidey flying onstage? How about the musical version of J. Jonah Jameson and Kraven the Hunter? It’s all right here in two new video spots. Plus, just because Spidey can’t have all the fun on stage, there’s some newish info about Batman Live and how Robin figures into the performance.

Before we go any further, here’s the TV spot for the Spider-Man musical, courtesy of Bleeding Cool.


Anil Rickly Reviews Young Justice


Originally created by writer Todd DeZago and artist Todd Nauck for DC Comics, after the early issues, DeZago handed the reins off to Peter David (best known for his inspiring Hulk and X-books, namely ‘X-Factor’) and this comic team boasted Robin (Tim Drake), Kid Flash (Bart Allen) and Superboy (Kon-El a.k.a Conner Kent nowadays) as the main protagonists, just at a time when the Teen Titans became the Titans, and this Young Justice team acted as a pseudo-Teen Titans outfit. David has won awards, especially for his ‘Hulk’ works but did receive 1999 Eisner nominations for this Young Justice book under – Best New Series, Best title for a younger audience!
His work on these comics did draw rave acclaim!


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