Desmond Miles meets a girl in a bar, brings her back home and wakes up the next morning as a guinea pig for an experimental machine. But what does the girl and the organization she works for, an ancient order of Templars, want from him? Well, it looks like Desmond is the direct descendant of an Assassin lineage that could threaten the Templars in their search for mysterious artifacts. With the machine, they can have access to his ancestors’ memory and thus collect information about the whereabouts of precious objects. However, nobody had planned that the machine might reawaken Desmond’s inner instinct of an Assassin…

I have to admit that I was a bit taken off my guard by the story here. I had not played the video game yet when I first read the comic book and I was not expecting the story to take place in a modern day setting. Now that I have played it, I can say that the plot of the comic book is similar to its pixelised counterpart. The thing is, when I read a comic book based on a video game franchise, I expect it to remain true to the source material and at the same time offer me something the game can’t. I’m looking for a new approach, I want to be entertained in a way the video game can’t, otherwise what would be the point of adapting the franchise to new media if it’s to rehash the same thing?


Have you read Assassin’s Creed? Are you going to? What do you think of game-turned-comic book?

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